Saturday, January 23, 2010

Acme this week

This week at Acme is a great opportunity get some produce on sale with the $1 sale. The following are all priced at $1 this week:

Onions (3 lb.)
Eat Smart Veggies (12 oz, broccoli is pictured)
Fresh express salad (spinach, garden salad, and cole slaw)
Mushrooms (6 oz)
Baby carrots (1lb)
Garlic (5 oz)
Minced garlic (jar)
Scallions (5 oz)

While it is tempting to get a ton of fresh produce when it is on sale, I am going to try to be careful with the amount I buy this week, so that none of it ends up in my food waste picture on Friday!

Check out coupon match-ups for Acme this week thanks to Mindi @ Moms Need to Know! There is a pretty good deal on several General Mills products, along with some free toothpaste!

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