Monday, January 18, 2010

Goodwill Project

I found this at Goodwill. I really like the basic premise of the piece (three openings with mirror and pictures, and of course the three hangers underneath) but it was white and we're dark wood people...

and it was pretty cruddy

But I figure for $5.50 it could make a good project!

The back came off and I popped out the flower pictures and the mirror, sanded the wood (the frame was real wood, which was great!), and cleaned the mirror. I used black paint that I got for free as a sample. It took between 2 and 3 coats to get the quality that I wanted, probably because I just sanded the white paint instead of removing it.
Those cruddy flowers needed to go too, so I am planning to use some credit I have saved from Shutterfly to order prints of photos my sister took. She's a photography student and genius with a camera, and I take every opportunity possible to showcase her work! While I'm waiting for the new prints though, I put in 2 of her other pieces, these she printed herself. They are not sized for the frame, so its not perfect, but you can barely tell.

Me and my husband at the beach

And our daughter at 4 days old

I'm learning to decorate more purposefully, so I tried to add a little color to the black and white of the wall hanging with this dried rose and red ribbon.

What do you think?

I love how the red pops, and ties in to the red walls we have in the living room and the red stripes in the pillow. The toys give everything a warm "lived-in" touch cause, well, we do live here too :-)

This is my first time linking up to Do it yourself day @ A Soft Place to Land. Tons of DIY projects will start appearing tomorrow night. Check it out!



  1. Very nice! I LOVE Goodwill too!

  2. Great job!
    Amazing transformation.
    (very pretty pictures)

  3. Super cute and a redo I'd be proud to display! (especially with that princess pictured!)

  4. You can never go wrong with black paint. That turned out great. Love the pop of red.

  5. Love the price and you did a great job on the redo!

  6. I love it! The rose is a wonderful touch and gorgeous photos too.

  7. CUTE. I have one like this that I bought. I think what you did was sooo much better than my store-bought item. I love adding character and homemade pieces!

  8. Very cute - looks quite up to date now!

  9. Amazing what some paint can do! Great job!

    You can see my DIY project here....


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