Sunday, January 10, 2010

Coupon Resources

There are so many different ways to get coupons. Last week I mentioned that many companies will send you coupons when you write to them (to compliment or criticize their product). Its completely acceptable to contact a company just to ask for coupons too! Here is a list that I have complied of different coupon resources that I have really benefited from (in addition to "regular" coupon websites:, RedPlum, and SmartSource). I am planning to add an easy link on the sidebar to make this list more accessible in the future, and I will add to the list as I become aware of additional resources! Feel free to post in the comments any additional sources and I will add those too.

My recommendation, since many of these are e-newsletters, is to have a separate email address from your personal email. I am so glad that I have a "newsletter/coupon" email, because my regular inbox does not get clogged and I can more quickly go through the various coupons and newsletters I receive.

Sign up with Vocalpoint to get access to many different sample and coupon opportunities. Occasionally you will be notified about a sample to sign up for, but many times you will be pleasantly surprised with high-value coupons in your mailbox. Most recently I have received coupons for Pantene and Secret, along with a sample size stick of Secret deodorant.

Psst is through General Mills, and offers coupons, recipes, and other information about various General Mills Products. Currently in my account I have some information about their new yogurt smoothies, including a coupon!

Betty Crocker has a newsletter that provides many quick and easy meal ideas, naturally using Betty Crocker products. There are also a variety of coupons you can print for General Mills products. There are usually a lot of these in the regular coupon inserts in the paper, but it is nice to have another place from which to gather additional coupons, especially because General Mills products are often involved in grocery store Catalina deals. Another good source for General Mills coupons is Eat Better America.

A great place to get coupons for organic products is Mambo Sprouts. This website is filled with articles and recipes to help you eat healthier, along with many different coupon opportunities, as well as contests and giveaways.

P&GEveryday Solutions is a great resource for P&G coupons and free samples. Periodically you will be able to request different samples and coupons for P&G products. There are also helpful articles, as well as a number of different sweepstakes and contests to enter.

One newsletter I have talked about before is Right at Home. This is specifically for SC Johnson products, and is another great place to get brand specific coupons. Right at Home also offers free gift packs periodically (the current one features the Glade Sense and Spray) for the first 3,000 people to request one. I have not yet won one of these, but I am going to keep trying!

You can request a Refresh Your Nest coupon book from Home Made Simple with $35 worth of coupons for products like Dawn, Mr. Clean, Fabreeze, and more.

Kraft First Taste can give you the inside scoop about new products from Kraft. You can also recommend different products and see what other people are recommending. There are also opportunities for coupons and sometime free samples!

Many restaurants have loyalty programs that will email you coupons. I recently signed up for the Cheeseburger in Paradise email list because we have a gift card to use and received a Buy one entree, get one free coupon - just for signing up! Many other resaurants will give you something free on your birthday.

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