Monday, January 25, 2010

Free Photo prints

I love getting pictures printed, but the expense can really add up. There are so many opportunities to get cheap or even free pictures printed. These vary from time to time, especially around holidays.

Many sites will often give you free prints if you are a new member.

Join Shutterfly, Snapfish, SeeHere, or Kodak Gallery and get 50 free prints through each site when you first sign up. Be aware that you will have to pay for shipping, which usually comes to just a few dollars!

Right now there are a lot of Valentine's Day related photo sales. One of these sales is for 3 free Valentines photo cards from Shutterfly. Enter code 3FREECARDS at checkout, and just pay for shipping. It also looks like you may be able to make any theme greeting card, not just the Valentines ones.

Through 1/27/10 you can get 100 free prints from Snapfish with any purchase (even a single print!). Code is PRINTSNEW. This is valid for new AND current customers. You will have to pay for shipping (around $5) but that works out to 5 cents a print!

A new website I just recently heard about is York Photo. Sign up with them and get 40 free prints!

One of the great things about being members of these photo sites is that they will often run promotions that give you freebies or other special offers. I always take a quick look through the emails they send me to see what the current offers are.

I hope you are able to use these offers to get some of those Christmas pictures printed!

Thanks to Moms Need to Know, BabyCheapskate, and MoneySavingMethods for some of these deals!

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  1. Just found out about this one today....get a free 7 x 9 book from Shutterfly. Hurry it expires tomorrow. The code: READYMADEBOOK. And I beleive you can get 100 free prints from Snapfish this week. Expires on Wednesday. My email code was do have to make a purchase...i.e. by one print...there are no restrictions to what the purchase is. get 101 prints for the cost of one print and shipping....


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