Monday, February 28, 2011

Rite Aid: Week of 2/27-3/5 - Sales and Clearance

I made a trip to Rite Aid today and thought I would share a few noteworthy sales I took advantage of from this week's sale ad.

Through tomorrow 3/1 only, you get a $1 +UP reward for every Lays Stax you buy. These are priced at $1 with a limit of 2. I bought 2 which cost me $2 and I earned 2 $1 +UP coupons to use on my next purchase.

I always like to take a quick look at the clearance items when I'm at Rite Aid. There were a few Valentine's items that were 75% off, so I grabbed a coconut filled chocolate heart to surprise my husband. Cost: 22 cents. I also saw BBQ sauce, Ranch dressing, and croutons that were 50% off, making each a whopping 50 cents.

Finally, I bought 3 Secret deodorants. They are on sale buy one, get one 50% off this week. I used a buy 2 get 1 free coupon from the 2/6 Red Plum insert (there is another one in the 1/9 insert). Three cost me $8.23, and also generated a $1 +UP coupon.

I used 2 $1 off +UP coupons that I earned when I stocked up on Theraflu, so I spent $9.95 out of pocket and have 3 $1 +UP coupons to use on another trip to Rite Aid.

Have you made any good trips to Rite Aid lately?

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  1. Yes! Just last night I got $108.00 worth of stuff for only $7.87 OOP! I used the $20 winter rewards, some other UP rewards (about $12), tons of coupons including video values, and hit the sales. Obviously I would never pay retail price for anything, but it is always fun to do the calculations to see how much you save!


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