Thursday, February 10, 2011

Amazon deal: Dyson DC25 Vacuum

I always thought a vacuum was a vacuum. Then I tried to clean up pine needles with my 3 1/2 year-old (cheap-o) vacuum. Fail! It was super frustrating, took way longer than was resonable, and in the end I couldn't even finish. So we borrowed a friend's Dyson and the job was done in about 5 seconds. Well maybe 5 minutes. But afterwards I felt like I had completely wasted a part of my life that I could never get back trying to use the old vacuum!

Since cleaning up the tree, I've gone back to using my old vacuum for everyday clean-up. After my experience with the Dyson I feel like my old vacuum is just pushing dirt around on my carpet. We decided a new vacuum was necessary, but $500 for a vacuum seemed pretty crazy. Sure, there are plenty of others that are much more reasonably priced, but taking a vacuum for a "test-drive" sure made it a whole lot more attractive.

While researching on Amazon, I found the Dyson DC25 for $382.99 (still pretty expensive, but way better than $500). The price cannot be seen unless you add it to your cart, which means that Amazon is selling it for less than the manufacturer recommends. If you are in the market for a new vacuum and have been looking at the Dyson, but couldn't justify the price, this might be the deal for you! The price could change at any time, back up to the "normal" price. To check out more, just click through to Amazon. You will see a "see price in cart" and that will show you the current sale!

I have been completely pleased with our decision! Since my Dyson arrived (last evening) I have vacuumed the entire house. It is wonderful to use a vacuum that makes a less than exciting task a whole lot more fun!

I am not an impulse buyer at all, but I am thankful that we were able to jump on this sale quickly! A big part of that was being able to put Amazon money we've saved up through Swagbucks to put towards it!

Already dusty from picking up all the dirt and grime that my old vacuum left behind!

A really cool feature about this vacuum is the "ball technology"...basically you can do a right turn instead of having to sweep back and forth to turn. Its definitely made my vacuuming more efficient!

The bristle part in the beater comes out super easily...I pulled it out to remove all the hair that was already collecting around it.

The handle also telescopes out and effortlessly reaches the top of my 9 foot ceilings. It makes those high cobwebs a thing of the past!

Now that this totally sounds like a Dyson commercial, I want to add that this is not a sponsored post in any way; all opinions are 100% my own. Also, the Amazon link is my affiliate link, so if you purchase through it, I receive a small percentage of the price. If you'd rather not do that, simply go directly to Amazon.


  1. I'm sooooooooooooooo jealous, I want a Dyson so bad!!! If we had carpet I might seriously consider buying it. For now my broom and dust pan works, but someday :)

  2. We just purchased a new Shark vacuum and love it. It doesn't have the ball but it picks up so much. Some of the reviews actually rated the Shark higher than the Dyson and we only paid $139 for it!

  3. My husband bought a dyson back before I even knew him - he got a refurbished one from the manufacturer I think. Much cheaper and it still works amazing. Just a heads up for anyone who can't afford the price - check for refurbished! I was so excited to get married because it became 'my' vacuum! Love love love it.

  4. Lindsay - I'm glad you like your Shark. Our old one was a shark and it never really worked past the first 6 months, so it would be really hard for me to get another one!

    Great point about refurbished vacuums, Hilary! That is a great way to get the name brand for really good price.


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