Saturday, July 9, 2011

CSA Week 6

The harvest is changing! This week at our CSA we picked up several different can tell its really summer as many of the early harvest foods are no longer available. We went with lettuce again this week. This loose leaf mixture is delicious and beautiful. We got to the farm early yesterday, so we had a nice variety of foods, including heirloom tomatoes! We also got carrots, royal burgundy beans, and cucumbers. The beans we also had last week - they are really cool! A purple color on the outside and yet green on the inside. They also turn green when you cook them!

I'm looking forward to enjoying these things this week!


  1. Royal burgandy beans are my favorite, we grow them every year. I think that they taste more "green beany" if that's possible!

  2. They were so good last week, I couldn't resist getting them again!

  3. What a nice variety of produce. I bet it is all delicious.


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