Thursday, July 28, 2011

Garden Update: July

We've had another hot and dry summer, which always makes it challenging for growing things. I did not plan things well at all when I put my DIY raised bed garden in full afternoon sun from about 11am onward! It has made gardening an extra challenge since these plants get so much direct sun. Despite all this, we've had a ton of fun with the garden, and we've gotten a nice crop too!

E loves to water and take care of the plants. She also loves tomatoes. As in, we picked 8 or 10 to have with dinner the other night and I let her carry the bowl inside...the bowl with 5 tomatoes!

These little guys are so cute! They are such tasty tomatoes and delicious right off the vine. It is hard for me to wait to put them on a salad too.

My poor cilantro was doing fantastic, then we forgot to have someone check on things while we were away for a week and it got rather scorched. Thankfully, a little has come back now that it is getting water again. I also found seeds on one shoot and stuck them in the soil. I have a few leftover seeds from the spring that I'm going to plant also, and hopefully we'll have lovely cilantro back soon!

I planted my four Impatiens in a small pot, three of which have survived and thrived! I also got a nice surprise...three tomato plants and two basil plants! I haven't used this pot in 2 years, so it was really a surprise that these came up. The tomatoes are just beginning to appear.

And this is the basil....or is it oregano? I'm not sure!

Even though we have a small space, we are making it work! I love having a garden, and maybe at some point in the future we'll have a larger space to add to our garden adventures!


  1. I think basil is more shiny looking....I'm thinking that's oregano! Which does it smell like? :)

  2. That's want I'm thinking too! But I have never even had an oregano seed....weird!


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