Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Girls Crocs and eBay

Last summer I shared some thoughts about buying on eBay, along with a picture of these Crocs that I bought for my daughter for $6

This summer, I decided to sell the same Crocs on eBay. The soles were still in terrific shape, and there was just a little wear around the blue edges. They sold for just over $7, including the shipping cost...more than I originally paid!

I used eBay to purchase this summer's Crocs also. I paid $8 for this pair of Mary Jane style Crocs that were again in nearly new condition! I've noticed that there is a much larger selection of clothing and shoes on eBay for girls. Boys tend to wear things a little harder, and girls end up with more shoes, etc!

My 3 big tips for getting a great deal on eBay are
1) Look for something specific
2) Have a firm "top price" before you bid
3) Be ready to let "IT" go

Selling on eBay is simple, and though I mostly sell little things, I have had pretty decent success. Here are my top selling tips for eBay.

1) Take a good picture. Make sure that the lighting is good. The picture should show the best view of what you are selling, but it is also helpful to include any possible flaws. I wanted to make sure that you could see the wear on the shoes I was selling.

2) Use a strong title and accurate description. Include as many key words in your description as possible, especially brand names, sizes, and colors. Make sure your description is detailed about any flaws in the item, but is also brief and to the point. I like to include information about when payment is expected, as well as stipulating that I do not accept international bidders.

3) Low starting price. I start most auctions at $0.99, especially for little items like children's clothing. Research ahead of time to see what similar items are selling for so that you have an idea what to expect for yours.

4) Have your item ready to ship before you list. I fail miserably at this one! I should have everything ready to go, but I usually pick up packaging on my way to the Post Office. You can print out shipping labels from home, which is very nice, but has also thrown me off when I need to buy the packaging after printing. It is way better to have it all done before hand!

Have you had success buying and selling on eBay? Any items in particular that have been easy to sell or to find in excellent used condition?

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  1. Thanks for the pointers. I am in the process of dejunking,and want to sell some things on ebay.


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