Friday, July 1, 2011

Food Waste Friday

Every Friday, I join with The Frugal Girl and other bloggers to clean out my fridge and freezer and take a picture of anything that has gone bad over the last week. This holds me accountable to faithfully check every week, and motivates me to use up our leftovers. This has made a huge difference in the amount of food we waste every week. I encourage you to participate with me in food waste Friday, too! 

Well, this week was actually a rough one for our battle against food waste...but they are bound to happen. I am especially bummed that I let some of our CSA lettuce get all slimy. Thankfully, after I picked through, it was just a handful:

Then I pulled this jar of sauce out of the fridge when I was making dinner one night and found little mold spots all over the inside of it...yuck! Thankfully, I had several more jars of homemade sauce in the freezer, so dinner was not a bust!

I also found about 4 ounces of moldy cheese today and it was too gross I tossed it without taking a photo. I also got peaches at the store yesterday, and when I cut the first one open it was a weird texture and the flavor was nasty too. I'm thinking about taking the rest back to the store, but we'll see. Whew! Well, the good thing about taking a look and the pictures of all I threw out is that it really motivates me to not waste so much next time!

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