Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DIY: Picnic Gift Basket

I'm always trying to think of different gift ideas that are practical and can be used up instead of just sitting on a shelf. I recently put together a picnic basket for a wedding gift. You could easily use any type of basket or bag, but I hit jackpot finding this awesome basket at Goodwill - and it was a steal at $5. I love the closure of this basket...the latch slips over one handle and rests between the two handles.

I wanted this basket to be a mixture of items from their registry, snacky things that could be enjoyed on the picnic (but wouldn't spoil before it was used), along with a bottle of champagne and a few personal touches -
I added some games, including a few mini water guns!

For the snacks, I opted for candy and fruit snacks in these homemade pop top cans I wrote about earlier. Its not your typical picnic food, but since the gift would sit while they were away on the honeymoon, I wanted to make sure that nothing would melt or need to be refrigerated. If you were putting together a picnic basket for a different occasion, you could add refrigerated items.

Add plates, cups, and napkins that can be kept in the basket, or a blanket that can be folded up and carried along with the basket!

Do you have any other ideas to add to a picnic basket to make it a special gift?

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