Thursday, June 2, 2011


I feel like things can tend to get really hectic in the summer...places to go, people to see, all sorts of fun things to do...I'm trying to make sure that I take time to be in the moment this summer. Here's a few of the (thrifty) things I'm doing:

Sun-tea (brewed in my backyard). In an adorable mason-jar glass (a hand-me-down from my MIL)

A good detective novel (from my local library).

Watering and tending the garden with my 2-year-old (excited to see how far these zucchini have come already!). And anticipating new recipes to use up the oodles of squash growing in my little raised bed garden!

Grilling for dinner (to keep the heat outside) and working on my hot dog challenge for this summer! (Texas Ranger dogs, copycat of Johnnie's Dog House).

What ways are you enjoying the moments this summer?

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  1. I just staked my tomato plants. Nothing says summer like the smell of garden tomatoes. Oh, and my 16 month-old is enjoying our turtle sandbox-turned-pool in the backyard. No expensive pool memberships for us.


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