Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Freebies: Rebates and Coupons

I've heard many people say that coupons are not for products they actually use or the value of the coupon is so small that it does not make a difference. I think that Mindi at Moms Need to Know has written eloquently about these comments, but I wanted to add a few practical examples from my own life.

I've had to cut back on the amount of time I spend organizing coupons and shopping trips because of life with two small children, but I still love getting a good deal!

Recently at Rite Aid, I spied this Smart Start cereal with a 'Try Free' add on the box. I was able to use a coupon when I bought it, so I'm actually getting paid to eat this box of cereal!

This week (also at Rite Aid) I bought John Frieda conditioner and Blink tears eye drops. I didn't have any coupons so I paid $4.99 for the conditioner and $7.99 for the eye drops, but because of Rite Aid's single check rebate program, I will be getting a check in the mail from Rite Aid for $5 for the conditioner and $7.99 for the eye drops...completely free! (If you haven't already signed up for the Single Check Rebate Program, you totally should! It is free of charge, and is one of the biggest ways that I get our personal care products for cheap...and often for free)

On the left of this picture are items that I picked up for free at Target this week. I had a coupon for a free Children's Tylenol from the recall last year. The Oscar Mayer deli meat was a free coupon from Kraft First Taste. And the Suave Dry Shampoo was a free coupon through Facebook. I also used a BOGO coupon for Frosted Mini Wheats (not pictured) that I got from Vocalpoint (along with a free sample of their new cereal).

Want to get coupons like these for FREE full sized products? I have my favorites listed in the Coupon Resources tab. Be sure to sign up for Kraft First Taste and Vocalpoint -- I am always getting samples and free coupons from these two in particular.

For my instructions on shopping at Rite Aid, check out this post.

Do you have any favorite ways to get things for free with coupons and rebates?

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