Thursday, June 23, 2011

DIY: Pop Top Can Treats

This project was so fun and simple! Here's a look at the finished product...Pop Top Can Treats:

These cute cans were totally not my idea, I found it over at Our Best Bites. A lot of times when I find a project that looks super cute, it ends up being way more involved and time consuming that I can find space for right now. I was so pleased that these were super easy! I worked on them while I was making dinner since I was already in the kitchen.

Start off with some pop top cans. I made these for a gift, and I wanted several different size cans, so I went with one tiny, two medium, and one large.

Use a can opener to take bottom (very important, not the pop top end!) almost all the way off the can. You can take it all the way off, but it goes back on smoother if you leave it partially attached...ask me how I know! Try to use cans that have something like fruit in them instead of beans; it will make them much easier to clean out!

I washed the cans and let them dry. I also removed the labels and used them as a template for my cute paper. I glued on the paper and then filled the cans with different goodies! I mixed it up, Runts in the little can, larger candy in the mediums, and fruit snacks in the largest!

Leave a little room at the top, so you can fill the rest up with tissue paper. This will ensure that no hot glue gets on your goodies! Hot glue the lid back on the can (remember, this is the bottom of the can!) Flip it right side up and viola!...adorable!

I love how these turned out! Instead of the labels on Our Best Bites, I opted for wedding-theamed stickers since this was part of a wedding gift. You could do these up for any occasion...just change the paper and decoration (and the treats) to fit the person you want to surprise. In fact, I'm never opening a pop top can the right way again! I'm planning to save the cans so I have a supply to whip up a quick treat at a moment's notice.

Hope you have fun with this project! Let me know if you try it!

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  1. What a fun clever idea! Love how they turned out. This one is getting filed for simple fun gifts for my kids to make on our frugal budget.


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