Monday, May 10, 2010

Bargin Hunting

A few weeks ago I wrote about the $10 off a $10 purchase coupon that I got in the mail from Kohl's. My game plan going into Kohl's was to pick something close to $10, but I knew that might be tough because I wanted to get some maternity clothes (which are rarely cheap!). I also printed off a 15% off coupon that was emailed to me through the Kohl's mailing list.

I ended up finding a pair of shorts that were on sale for $18 (from $30...but you should never pay full price for anything at Kohl's because they are way marked up. I'm really of the opinion that 30-40% off should be the normal price there!). After my $10 coupon and then the 15% off (taken off the after coupon price of $8) my total was just under $7 - sweet!

I tried on another pair of shorts that I liked better (because they were plaid) but not style-wise because they had a full-panel waist (why would I want to add an extra layer this summer?). So I stopped by Mother's Closet (a maternity and children's resale store in Middletown) for another look. I was able to find a Motherhood tank top that looked brand new for $5.75, and then I hit jackpot...nearly the exact same shorts I had tried on in Kohl's, but in the style I wanted!

I guess it seems a little odd that I paid a few dollars more for shorts at a resale store compared to the ones I bought at Kohl's, but without the $10 coupon, the Kohl's shorts would have been way more. Overall I am quite pleased that I was able to find 3 pieces of maternity clothing for under $20.

Today in my mail I received another $10 off a $10 purchase coupon from Kohl's. I did get several of these last summer, but none within just a few weeks of each other. I am super excited to go back to Kohl's!

Additionally, I am planning to have features on more local businesses in the area in the coming weeks, and Mother's Closet is just one that is planned!


  1. Lucky you to get another one!

  2. Wow, that's pretty amazing that you got two. I only got one in the mail
    and I used it to buy a swimsuit and cover up for my 8 mth old daughter. I've been looking for a swimsuit/cover up set for a while now but couldn't find anything I liked. I actually found a cute set for my two year old son for $5 at mother's closet so I was hoping to find something similar for my daughter. I went into Kohls hoping to spend around $5 but was a bit pessimistic that I'd find anything in that range since they're so expensive. Luckily they were having a 50% off sale on carters clothing. I found a one piece swimsuit with matching terry cloth cover up dress that was originally priced at $30 (a
    ridiculously high price). After the sale it came to $15 but like you I had a
    coupon for an extra 15% off plus I had my $10 gift card. So in the end, I
    ended up paying less than $5--even better than the consignment shop!!

  3. I LOVE Mother's Closet. I got some of the best (and cheapest) maternity clothes there. They have a rewards program, too, where you can get a certain percentage off a shopping trip once you've been there a number of times (which, if you buy maternity clothes in small batches at a time, will totally happen).

    I've also received two $10 off coupons for Kohl's recently. I used one to buy something that I need to return, so I think I may get to spend $20 (free) dollars this time. I'm not sure if they'll let me, but I'm gonna try.


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