Thursday, May 20, 2010 - looking for Moms with young children

Banner Ad recently contacted me to let me know that they are looking for new members, specifically mothers with children under 4 years of age! is one of my favorite survey companies. Their website is easy to use, surveys are usually very short (less than 5 minutes) and you never "screen out" of a survey - something that can get really annoying. The short surveys often will qualify you for longer surveys that are worth more points. The other thing I really like about this company is that they will send you surveys for other members of your family - my husband has taken a few.

To join, click here and fill out the brief registration form. And just so you know, the links in this post are my personal referral links, so I do get credit if you sign up through me. I only recommend survey companies that I personally use and enjoy!

As always, feel free to ask any questions about survey companies. I also wrote about all of the companies that I use here.

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