Monday, May 31, 2010

Garden Update

I've planted a number of things in my garden this year. I'm really thankful for my newly constructed raised bed that my husband and dad built! We've had a pretty cold spring for the most part, so its only been the last few weeks that my plants have started to really take off. Since I started nearly everything from seed myself, it seems like it has been really slow going, but I'm starting to see a good bit of progress now.

I've got a few herbs in pots. The basil seeds I used were from last year, so I'm not surprised that I only have 2 plants coming up. I'll probably stick a few more seeds in the soil and see what happens.

This pot has parsley growing. The parsley is one of the plants that has just taken off the last week. No sprouts were visible 2 weeks ago!

My peas are doing great. I have four plants growing, and I've tried to create a bit of a cage for them to grow up using some poles that I already had.

This is my lone cucumber plant. For some reason the cucumbers have really struggled. I've had at least 6 little plants die already. I may stick a few more seeds in the ground here and see if they do better now that its warmed up more.

The green beans are looking pretty good too. They haven't taken off quite as much as the peas, but are still going strong.

The spinach is starting to open, and I'm guessing that they will thrive in this warmer weather.

Over the last week the lettuce has really grown up. I didn't thin any of it out because I wanted to make sure as many plants as possible made it since I've had so many die this year. I will need to do a little thinning out as the lettuce gets bigger.

This little pepper plant is hanging in there. It survived the cold weather and is getting stronger. I'm hoping it will produce some nice peppers!

And finally, the tomato plants that I bought. They have doubled in size since I planted them, and already have several blooms each. Looking at these next to my other plants that I've grown from seed makes me awful tempted to buy all of my plants next year! Seeds really are far cheaper, and hopefully the summer will be good to my entire crop!

Have you planted a garden this year? Which of your plants are doing the best?


  1. Wow - things are looking great in your garden! I fear the only thing I am having much luck with (mostly due to a lack of effort) are the strawberries that were here when we moved in. There are some little green fruits on them now!

  2. Way to go! Looks good! Mine is going well! My tomatoes, squash, and zucchini are doing the best. I started some winter squash and pumpkins by seeds and they are really taking off too! My peppers are a little rough around the edges, but i hope they hold on. I'll be showing an update on my blog soon as well.

  3. Seeing your garden inspires me to plant some things too. i cant wait to find out how they turn out...


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